Electronics Course

Let's get building some circuits and learning about electricity! How does electricity work? What is current, resistance, voltage?


Learn the theory of electronics as we build together cool projects and have fun!


3D Printing and Design Course

Imagine you could make whatever you want and print it out with a 3D printer. What would you make? A gift for a friend, a toy for your pet, or maybe a real beating heart. The possibilities are endless! Join us to learn about 3D printers and make our own printer-ready designs.


App Design Course

We use so many apps every day, each with cool designs and features. Did you ever want to build your own app? Come and join us to learn how apps work and make your own app all by yourself!


Women Scientists Course


How many woman scientists do you know, Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace, Rachel Carson... There are many to talk about! Get to know 10 women scientists with fun activities and discussions in this course.


Bring Pink STREAM Programs into your community

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