Scratch Day

Date: May 15, 2018

Location: Cary, NC

On "Scratch Day" we had a Scratch Party for elementary school girls. As we got together, we discussed what coding is, how computers work, what can we do with coding and much more. After having an introduction we learned about programming basics: variables, if else statements, loops, algorithms... We split into groups, created our dances and drew the algorithms of our dances.  Looking at our algorithms, we coded our characters in "scratch" so they made our dance too. We danced all together, had so much fun and learned so many things. We ended the day by eating delicious food and talking about what we learned. While leaving, many of the girls said that they loved coding and they want to be a coder in the future.

When they first asked us what a computer is I told that it is something that keeps our dad busy, but on the end of the day I learned that computers are much more. We can do anything with our computers by coding.