Who Was Dr.Seuss

This book is about our childhood hero, the person who made books our best friends…Of course, it’s Dr. Seuss or rather Theodor Seuss Geisel. You will learn every detail about him and his life. His childhood, family, educational life, wife, books, failures, friends, difficulties, achievements, how he created The Cat in the Hat, Horton, and all other great books and characters. Some sections of the book are information based, those sections provide details about the events, time periods, places, interesting things in the book. So you learn and understand more. The only thing to criticize about this book is its pictures. The pictures are not worthy of Dr. Seuss. They are black-and-white and boring. The only picture that is proper for this book is the cover picture. It is a caricature of Dr. Seuss. If you are researching Dr. Seuss or his works, this is one of the books you should read. It will be helpful for sure.