The Human Body

If you want to be an expert about the stuff going on inside you, incredible systems of your body, this book is for you. There is very interesting, weird, and disgusting information about your body. The book leads you to do some research because sometimes you cannot believe what you read. But after searching you realize there are a lot of people and a lot of interesting things. The book is not just a book; there are questions, extra credit sections, pop quizzes, funny pictures, and a certification exam at the end. If you pass the exam you become a certified junior genius, cool! It is not like a textbook, the author's word choice made the book pretty fun. You should read this book if you are interested in illnesses, organs, systems, people with different characteristics and much more. You will shock your friends, family members, and even your teachers with your amazing knowledge about the human body. You will become a walking encyclopedia!