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Don’t you know which sport is for you? Are you having troubles with your teammates? Don’t you know how to prepare for the final match? If your answer is yes, this book will be your best friend in your sports career. Background designs of the pages are matching very well with the theme. There are short quizzes before each section, so you can find out what you have to do. In “Sports Q & A” sections there are common questions about sports and answers to those questions with very helpful advice. Some activities in the book will entertain you but because this is not a novel if you read it all at once, you may lose your enthusiasm. Also, there are comments of girls from all over America and you will see you are not alone. There are girls who are also sharing your feelings, ideas, and comments. If you want to be a knowledgeable girl you can read the other books in this series. They will give you different perspectives; you will protect yourself better from the world’s dangers and educate yourself to become a strong woman in the future Good luck with your volleyball team, swimming coach, and life, Powerful Girl!


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