She Persisted Around The World

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This book encourages girls to not be scared even if their situation is not the way they want. For example, many of the women in this book faced difficulties to have a good education. Also, the book doesn't include only one area like just scientists or just artists. It includes all. There are poets, astronomers, activists, scientists, doctors, ambassadors, environmentalists, writers, sports players, and artists. So every young woman who read this book will find a role model for herself. By the way, the women in the book are from all over the world, that makes the book diverse. Last but not least, the most important thing in a children's book is pictures. Children pick their books from their looks and it is good for this book because the illustrations are very good. The illustrator used calm colors and she created a peaceful mood. She drew diverse girls and the girls are very beautiful and sweet. The only thing I can criticize about this book is the information about the inspiring women are not enough. It is like a very short summary, but I guess this is because the author didn't want children to be bored and to include more people. If you are interested in this kind of books there is American women version of this book. It is also pretty good. This book is great to read to your daughter before going to sleep. Maybe they will have sweet dreams about their future.