She Persisted

#inspiring #inspiringwomen

This book includes American women who affected the world and inspired lots of girls. Everyone who read the book can find someone who is similar to her by disabilities, abilities, likes, dislikes, races, difficulties, and much more. It shows everybody has different abilities, no one is exactly some of one another. The book gives the message of girls are not weaker or worse at things than boys. Actually, the girls are very strong and they can do whatever they want if they follow their dreams, never give up, and work hard. If you read and liked this book there is another version which includes women from all around the world, that is also a great book to encourage girls. Only thing I disliked in both books is the information is a little bit short, it is a very short summary but I guess that is because the author wanted to include as much as she can and to not be boring. Illustrations of this book are so cute, they have a peaceful, calm effect. The illustrator drew all kind of girls, so it is also important for diversity. Whatever your age is you can read this book when you feel you will give up or really bored. It will make you believe in yourself. Also, read it to young women who will soon be in our books and inspire other generations.