Malala's Magic Pencil

Do you believe in magic? You should believe, like Malala. If she didn’t believe she wouldn’t be able to fight against inequality in education, she wouldn’t be able to recover after dangerous men’s frightening bullet, she wouldn’t be able to make people hear her, and she wouldn’t be able to become the youngest-ever winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Did you change your mind about magic? These are just a few things she did by believing in magic and her magic pencil. Malala is not the only person who has a magic pencil. Every young girl has one with different skills. But Malala knew how to use it to change the unfair world. She changed it but there are still a lot of things that have to be changed. You can also be a Malala. You can be a voice for hungry children, thirsty kids, young girls who are forced to get married at an early age, innocent people who experience the cold war atmosphere. Believe in yourself, believe in your magic pencil and magic voice, make the world a better place!


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