Ibtihaj Muhammad: Muslim American Champion Fencer and Olympian

If you watched the 2016 summer Olympics you already know her. You already realized how strong she was while fencing; even things she faced never stopped her. She is Ibtihaj Muhammad. She is the first Muslim woman to join the U.S. fencing team and the first American athlete to wear a hijab during an Olympic competition. It will be very good to read her meaningful life and see that difficulties shouldn’t stop you, they should make you stronger. This biography includes everything you would want to know about Ibtihaj. They used real pictures from her life, so it helps you to visualize what you read more. There are some sections for related subjects for you to understand the time, people, terms, ideas, and events. There is a section for fencing terms, maybe that will let you start fencing and become a champion one day! Also, a glossary is added for unfamiliar words, when you see a bold word you can g to the back and check it. At the end of the book, there is a timeline, so you can figure out what happened better. We hope Ibtihaj’s story will inspire you to never give up and be strong.


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