How Does My Home Work?

Mom, where does toilet water goes? Dad, what happens if we leave the lights on? Grandpa, why we store our foods in the refrigerator? Sister, how our home is cold even in the hot days? These are just a few of a genius kid’s questions. How many can you answer properly? 5,6 or maybe 10 but your young genius has more than 100. Don’t you know what to do? Here is your hero. This book is a rescuer for parents, best friends for geniuses, and a search engine for students. Funny, very detailed, cute illustrations, informative and basic diagrams, and great text of this book will teach you everything you would want to know about your home. Sometimes it will be better than listening to your teacher. Be careful there can be a fight in the house for this book. Because everyone will love it. By the way, if you want to read books like this one you have to be careful about the sources. Do not waste water, electricity, and gas. Maybe we don’t have any problems today about the sources but it doesn’t mean we will not have in the future. “Energy is precious, let’s not waste it!”