Girl Running: Bobbi Gibb and the Boston Marathon

Did you hear about the Boston Marathon? Probably you did. But you didn’t hear about Boston Marathon’s hero, Bobbi Gibb, who is the first woman to have run the entire Boston Marathon when it was banned for women because of their gender. She broke the rules, for you. If she didn’t revolt against those discriminatory rules, today maybe girls were forced to wear skirts, not allowed to attend the schools’ track teams, and banned to attend the Boston Marathon. This is her story, how she changed strict rules, how she became a role model, how she helped girls to dream for more. Illustrations are very good. They are giving the enthusiasm to be an athlete and run the Boston Marathon. Also, backgrounds in the pictures are colorful and matching with Bobbi’s inner world. No one born better than others. You will become better in your field if you practice. Whether it is playing guitar, math, writing essays or running the Boston Marathon. Keep running!