El Deafo

This book is about a girl who cannot hear as clear as other people. The title of the book comes from the superhero name of the girl. She faces a lot of difficulties and problems. She has problems with her relationship with her friends and at school. But sometimes she saves the day. So she names herself “El Deafo” and she asks herself “what would a superhero do if she faced something like this?” when she faced difficulties. The book is similar to Wonder. They are both about kids with differences and how they overcome problems. If you read or watched Wonder and liked it you should definitely read El Deafo, likewise, if you read El Deafo and liked it you should read or watch Wonder. The illustrations in the book are very good. They used vivid colors and cute characters. We should learn every creature in the world is different and special. We have to respect everyone and help them whenever they need.


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