The book "Earthrise: Apollo 8 and the Photo that Changed the World" is an amazing book that takes you back to the Apollo 8 takeoff. It starts with the desperate times of the World War but quickly switches to the Apollo 8 mission. Together with the crew and the scientists, the book shows the feelings and excitement of the people around the world. The illustrations are very touching with united people from all colors and backgrounds looking at the sky, listening the radio, watching the TV, and feeling the excitement altogether: united. As you read through the pages, you can feel the inspiration and amazement people felt.

Also, it is important to celebrate and emphasize that the main character of the illustrations is a black girl interested in science and astronomy. This inclusion of a girl in STEM to the story is amazing for girls in order to find themselves in the story. The illustrations are cute, appealing and especially amazing with the diversity of people.

There are so many lessons to take away from the book about unity, diversity, science, and much more. Highly recommended for all readers.


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