Are you the girl who designs clothes wherever she finds a blank paper? Are you the girl who wears the fanciest clothes every day? Are you the girl who makes suggestions to her friends about their clothes? Are you the trendsetter girl in the school? If your answer is yes, you found the book you are searching for. “Bloom” is about a famous fashion designer named Elsa Schiaparelli who was a disappointment for her family because she wasn’t a boy when she was born. As she grows up she loses herself in the beauty of the colors and shapes. She meets with well-known artists such as Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Alberto Giacometti and much more. They inspire her and she opens a boutique in Paris. Her boutique becomes the beating heart of Paris. She did it. Like lots of other powerful women. So, you can also do it. Even if people don’t believe you, believe in yourself. Illustrations of the book are very pretty. Especially the “shocking pink” color Elsa Schiaparelli found is a perfection. It is bright, impossible, life-giving. Harmony of the colors in the book are magical. Even if it is not now, pink will become your favorite color. As in the book, the author said “All of us, together: We bloom and bloom.”