Image Processing Workshop

~Ayse Evra~

With the Image Processing Workshop, we provide a different perspective of engineering to high school girls in order to increase their interest in engineering.

In the workshop, we start by discussing the reasons for women's low participation in STEM fields. Afterward, we start learning to code using Processing. Processing is a flexible software sketchbook and a language for learning how to code within the context of the visual arts. We learn the basics of coding: variables, if/else statements, loops, and functions. We use the concepts we learned to process images. We first make an Instagram-like filter by changing the RGB values in our picture, which also gives us an opportunity to learn about how computer screens work. We finish our workshop by writing a code to flip our images as we clicked.


Most of the participants had no coding experience before. After their first coding experience with us, they said that they enjoyed coding and would like to continue coding in the future. 



Thanks to MIT Open Course Ware 

The workshop's curriculum is provided from "Girls Who Build Cameras" Workshop

How to increase your knowledge about image processing and coding?

Here are some resources ...