Discover the World Program

With the “Discover the World” program, kindergarten and elementary school girls discover an interesting topic every week by having activities, making experiments, playing games, reading books and much more. They increase their knowledge and curiosity about the world and they start to think like a scientist.

Week 1. Discover Sound

     We started discussing how sounds happen and how we hear them. We made sounds: clapped, whistled, talked, played a guitar and made guesses. By touching our throat while we are talking and we are silent, we realized that sounds come up because of vibrations. Also when we touched the guitar while playing we felt vibrations too. We learned how vibrations move and illustrated how sound moves from our mouth to our friends’ ears with our fingers. We read the book “Sounds all around” to learn more about sounds. We learned how we make sounds from our throat, how we hear sounds from our ears, how people use sounds to communicate, how animals use sounds to see and hunt, how we measure sounds with decibels, and much more. Learning that sound travels in the air, water and solids, we played a game to understand how is sound faster, and discovered that it is fastest in solids because the particles are closer. After learning many things about sounds, we made our own musical instruments, decorated them, played music, and had so much fun.

Week 2. Discover the Water Cycle

     We started discussing how rain is formed. Knowing that the water falls from the clouds, we thought how water goes up to the clouds. After our discussion,  we read the  "Down Comes the Rain" book and learned how the water cycle works. We made our own raindrops and colored them. We finished with a raindrop game where we became water drops, evaporated to the clouds with different circumstances, and fall back to the ground. 

Week 3. Discover Bees

     We started by watching a video about bees and how they make honey. We then talked about what else we know about bees and honey. We read the "Bees" book. The book's illustrations were very attractive. From the book, we learned which animals eat bees, how human's honey collecting techniques developed through history, how bees make honeycombs, how bees communicate...

      As an activity, we made flowers to attract bees.

Week 4. Discover Bacterias

     We started by discussing the benefits and damages of bacteria. Then we watched a video about bacteria. We then talked about what else we know about bacteria. We read the "Bacterias" book. The book's illustrations were very attractive. From the book, we learned where we can find bacterias, beneficial bacterias, harmful bacterias, how bacterias reproduce by doubling, how they pass from human to human, how to protect ourselves from harmful bacteria, how our bodies fight against bacteria... 

     As an activity, we washed our hand with true techniques.

The world is very interesting, I never thought like this. I am very happy to discover new things.