Weatherstone Elementary School International Festival

International festivals are always great. You can taste new, delicious foods, wear cultural clothes, see accessories, and learn about different countries. This year we decided instead of watching why don't we represent our country, so we displayed our country's, Turkey, beauties. We played "Find Turkey" game. Kids tried to find Turkey from a small globe. Also we helped them to make "Evil Eye" which is a bead that is made of a few colors like navy blue, light blue, black, yellow, and white. Everyone enjoyed it a lot. Some of them came, did their stuff, then brought other people to our table. It was a great feeling for us to represent our country and teach it to little kids who never heard about Turkey. Don't be scared to try new things even if it is hard for a few minutes at the end you will realize how much fun you had. 

We are all together in America from all around the world. We are all different, all beautiful.  We make this country America with our differences.