Museum of Life and Science

As Summer camps' and schools' favorite place, best place to have family time, Museum of Life and Science is especially great for young kids. You can see how impressed they are from their smiling face. It is a place where you can spend a day full of science, environment, and fun. There are all kinds of science in the museum such as physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, math, and much more. Experiments about the topics both make children understand more and have fun. The outside part of the museum is as good as the inside. There is a small farm, an adventure park, hammocks, cool instruments, a place to explore beautiful butterflies and scary bugs, and a coffee shop. Our favorite place as Pink STREAM was The Magic Winds Butterfly House. It was dazzling. 


Museums are great places for children. In your free times please be sure to spend time with you family and visit museums!

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