Sphero Course

In the "Sphero Course,we taught elementary school students robotics and coding using Sphero MINI, an educational robotic ball.  By rolling the robotic ball around, making it speak, and flashing its lights with coding, the students had so much fun as they explored robotics and coding. 

During the course, we covered coding concepts of loops, functions, if/else statements, variables, and robotics concepts such as movement, lights, sounds, and controls. This valuable background knowledge will guide the students in their future through their education and career.


I love Pink STREAM classes. All week long I'm looking forward to our classes. I learned so many things and now I believe that I can be an engineer.  

~Ayse Evra~

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What do we use?


Sphero MINI

Educational Robotics Ball


Sphero Edu App

Coding Application for Sphero