Coding and Electronics Tutoring

With Pink  STREAM tutoring service, we start from a beginner level and carry little girls up to professional levels in coding and electronics. The tutoring is 2 hours every week and all school year long. 


For electronics, we both learn theory and have hands-on activities. We learn about electricity, current, resistance, voltage, buttons and switches, sensors, motors and much more. Throughout the course, we build more than 50 circuits with Snap Circuits. With many circuit building experience, the girls are able to widely understand electronics.


About coding, we start with an introduction to computer science. After having a good understanding of computers we start gaining our programming logic by drawing algorithms and learning the basics of coding: variables, if else statements, loops, functions and more. As we get well in problem solving and algorithms we start making our own games and videos using Scratch.


Besides learning about coding and electronics we also learn about women scientist and engineers such as Margaret Hamilton, Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace... These successful women become our role models and motivate us so we work more to become successful women like them and inspire other girls in the future.

I love Pink STREAM classes. All week long I'm looking forward to our classes. I learned so many things and now I believe that I can be an engineer.  

~Ayse Evra~

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What do we use?



Visual programming language designed by MIT for children.


Snap Circuits

Electronics kit for children which is easy to build because it snaps to each other.

Some of our students' work